Collecting Names

In an interview once, J. K. Rowling said that she collected names. She said that whenever she heard or read of a unique name she wrote it down and kept it with the idea that it might be useful for one of her books.

After reading that interview, I started to do the same thing. Whenever I heard or read a unique or interesting name, I wrote it down on a list to save for later in one of my fantasy role playing games.

Generally, I write names I find down on a list that lives on my phone, because I always have my phone with me, before transferring it to a master list that I now keep in Google docs. So, whenever I need the name of an innkeeper, Barron or other such person, I can just pull up my list of names.

The names I collect, I find from books that I read. But, I have also been known to stay through all the end credits of a movie to write down some of the cool names that appear in it. That’s an Idea I got from one of Chris Perkins’s Dungeons & Dragons posts.

Do you have any tips or ideas for collecting names or other content for your role playing game? Leave a comment below and lets share ideas!

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5 thoughts on “Collecting Names

  1. I’ve thought about doing this, but since I work at a hospital, most of the names I could potentially save are actually private medical that’s illegal for me to share with anyone else. It makes me sad.

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