Attacking With Dice

Dungeon Mistress With MinisAs a Dungeon Mistress (DM) you get the pleasure of controlling Monsters, Goblins, Demons, Liches, Dire Wolves, Owl Bears, and all sorts of unspeakable baddies. It’s one of the perks of running a tabletop role-playing game. However, your players may not like the choices you make for your villains. That is where attacking with dice comes into play.

Rather than choosing who your red dragon is going to attack and deal with the aftermath of your players saying that you are not a fair DM. Let the dice speak for your obedient red dragon.

If you have two players stuck in a dungeon with a red dragon roll a six-sided dice (d6). Player one is going to be numbers one through three and player two is numbers four through six. Whichever number that dice lands on is the player the dragon attacks!

Got three players? Then with the same d6, player one is one & two. Player two is three & four. Player three is five & six.

Got four players? Than Role a four-sided dice (d4)

Got five players? Role a ten sided dice (d10) with player one being one & two. Player two being three & four… and so on.

Dungeon Mistress With Minis

This is what I have learned works for my party and resolves conflicts before they even start. But I am very interested to know how you handle these kind of situations in your gaming group. Leave a comment and lets share ideas!

Dungeon Mistress

Tangible Treasures

Players of tabletop roleplaying games love everything about treasures. They are going to do their best to check every inch of every dungeon, cave, and abandoned castle they come across to make sure they did not overlook any possible treasures.

As my game’s Dungeon Mistress(DM), I have a lot of fun thinking up new and interesting treasure items to hide for my players to discover. But sometimes hiding swords, armor, magic items, or a salve that changes your gender is not enough for me. Sometimes I like to throw my party a curve ball just to switch things up a bit. I do this by giving my players tangible items.

Dungeon Mistress At The Gaming TableIn the past I have given my players the following physical items as treasures discovered while playing our weekly roleplaying game.

  • Dice
  • Dice Bag
  • Miniatures
  • Maps
  • Letters
  • Hard to find soda

Once, while deep in a dungeon, one of my players came across a treasure chest that said, “If you open this chest you will be forced to use whatever is inside.” Unable to resist my player opened the chest and for the rest of the game she was forced to use mini dice. Everyone got a good laugh out of that treasure and is still talked about to this day.

So the next time you are planning your game and trying to think of treasure items, think a little outside the box by giving them something physical.

What kind of physical unique treasures do you give your players? Leave a comment and lets share ideas!

Dungeon Mistress

Pencil Bag

Dungeon Mistress and her Pencil BagPlayers love to play games. Video games, board games and roleplaying games. Your players come with one thing to the gaming table. That’s the ability to play games and not anything else. My players show up ready to play, but are rarely prepared to play. So, I as a DM take the extra effort to do what I can to make sure the weekly game is as ready for start time as possible.

This includes offering to do doing the following:

  • Offering to hold onto players character sheets
  • Offering to hold onto players dice.

Some of my players are perfectly fine with me keeping hold of their character sheets. Others are not. Which is fine. Dice however, is a whole nother matter. All of my players hang onto their dice with a death grip. They are not offended by my offer to hold on to their dice for them, but dice just hold a special place in their hearts so they wont let them go and that is understandable. But that just means at some point they are going to forget to bring their dice. So I keep a spare set of dice handy just for when that happens.

And it does happen!

Lastly I have learned to keep a pencil bag. I picked this up shortly after I started DMing when I noticed we never had enough pencils. This is one of my most used tools and I would like to share with you what I keep inside of it.

  • Different colored pencils. Players like choices, so spend a couple of bucks on different kinds of pencils that your players can choose from.
  • Pencil sharpener.
  • Erasers. I prefer these erasers.
  • Wet Erase Markers. If you use battle maps in your game you are going to want to keep a spare set, or two, of wet erase markers in your pencil bag.

How do you organise your gaming parity’s supplies? Leave a comment and lets share ideas!

Dungeon Mistress

Trapper Folder

Dungeon Mistress Holding Some Trapper KeepersAs a Dungeon Mistress, Game Mistress, or whatever your table top game of choice prefers to call you, there are some extra things you can do to make your game run that much more smoothly. One of the things I discovered that has helped my players has been Trapper Folders.

I had started observing that my players were often misplacing their character sheets or not doing such a good job at keeping their character sheets, index cards, and other miscellaneous pieces of paper organized. The Trapper Folder has changed all that.

Trapper folders cost less than a buck at most stores and come in a wide variety of colors. When I brought these to our weekly game night my players really appreciated the idea and each enjoyed picking out their own color Trapper Folder for their characters information.

Dungeon Mistress Holding A Purple Trapper Keeper

Now my players no longer lose their character sheets and everything for them is organized in a handy little folder. Some of my players prefer to take their Trapper folders home with them while others prefer that I hang on to them till the next game.

How do you help your players keep track of their character sheets? Leave a comment and lets share ideas!

Dungeon Mistress